Tournaments and practices for 2016/17

The tournament plan for 2016-2017 is ready. BSI will field a team in all series tournaments, national championship and the student cup. To sign up, head to our Tournament Doodle!

We’re now practicing indoors in Fantofthallen on Monday 16:30 – 18:30 and Thursday 20:30 – 22:00. This is a change from previous years where we have been practicing on Tuesdays indoors.

Tournament schedule

Sept. 24th Bartecup Trondheim Hat tournament N/A
Oct. 14th – 15th Bergen Challenge Bergen Student cup Gold medal
Nov. 12th – 13th Trøndisk Trondheim US Round 1 4th place (4 series points)
Dec. 3rd Decembercup Lørenskog US Round 2  3rd place (4 series points)
Feb. 4th – 5th Tractor Factor Ås US Round 3  3rd place (4 series points)
Mar. 4th – 5th BrainyDisc Bergen US Round 4  6th place (1 series points)
N/A Norwegian Series total Everywhere US Total 3rd place (13 series points)
Mar 18th – 19th Hello Stockholm Stockholm, S Int. tournament  Mooslo finished 20th of 28 teams
Apr. 1st – 2nd NM Fjellhamar National championship Bronze medal and SOTG Winner!
Juni 18th – 24th WBUC Royan, F World Championship  Norway not sending team.

BSI won the Student cup Bergen Challenge 2016

Day two of the student cup Bergen Challenge in Ultimate Frisbee is now ended.

The day started miserably for BSI. Our first match was against NHHI1, which beat us on day one. We were missing a key player, so we went on a big loss 2 – 11 (!!). We did not manage to get our offence going, and were always behind on defense. Much of this was due to the great defense that NHHI1 player and their immense running capacity.

The second game was against NIHI. They must have found some magic potions yesterday night, because it was a much better team that met us for this game. They were better marking in defense and surprised us with some long throws into the end zone. However once we got control over them we won 7 – 5.

The bronze final was played between NIHI and NHHI2. NHHI2 took the lead, but NIHI was able to set a good defense and pressure NHHI2 to make many mistakes. Also they kept scoring on their long passes across the field. In the end NIHI was able to pull ahead and win 7 – 5.

The final was a 45 minute strength test. BSI, now with all players, did get the best start and took a two goal lead early. NHHI1 managed to equalize  the score a few times, but then appeared to get stressed and threw away some discs. We never took more than a three point lead, but in the end we managed to secure the gold medal with a 15 – 13 victory.

I have now words for how proud I am of each player that helped make history by winning the first student cup in Ultimate! Now we just need to rest up and see you at the banquet at seven!

All results are available on Bergen Challenge web pages!

Day one of the Student cup in Ultimate is over

Today four teams went head to head in the Student cup Bergen Challenge 2016! NHHI fielded two teams, BSI fielded one team and NIHI (Norwegian school of Sports Science) fielded a new team.

Our first match was against NHHI2, and it was an expected victory 11 – 2. We had our feet with us from the start, and opened a good lead. The points that NHHI2 scored were very nice. They used good handling to open up space on the field and their running capacity to get free from their defenders. More of this will get you extra points.

The second match came right on the heals of the first one, and was against NHHI2. They have really upped their game, and we missed with some attempted ISO plays to start with. The game went back and forth with lots of turnovers, and few points. In the end NHHI1 got ahead and won 5 – 7.

NIHI was our third opponent, and a team that I was excited to meet. I was not able to see their first game, so I didn’t know what level of play to expect. It turned out that this was players that did not have much Ultimate experience, and hadn’t played much together. This gave us a comfortable victory 12 – 1.

The fourt game was a rematch against NHHI2, and they had improved their game during the day. They started strong and finished strong, but in between those two rallies BSI dominated. It ended in a 10 – 3 victory (total 21 – 5).

Tomorrow we’re meeting NHHI1 and NIHI for the rematches, followed by the finals.

I would like to thank the players that were with me today for a tireless effort. There was many good points, and a lot of good defence. In four games we only conceded 13 points and scored 38, which I am very satisfied with.

I would also like to commend the other teams for very good spirit. There was very few calls on the field, and that makes me very happy!

All the results can be found on the Bergen Challenge web site!

Urgent – Sign up for Bergen Challenge

I apologize for the non-existing notice on this, but the dead line for signing up players for SL Bergen Challenge is September 30th. The tournament is held October 14th and 15th.

The participation fee is NOK 595 which includes insurance, banquette and dinner in addition to the tournament. BSI Ultimate Rainfall has decided that we will cover NOK 500,- for students so that they just pay for the banquette and dinner.

Everyone that wish to participate MUST go to doodle and sign up there BEFORE NOON! If we then have enough players I will contact you with further info regarding the sign up.

Also you must complete the team sign up form for the fall semester 2016 too!


Autumn is coming

Summer will soon start to give way to autumn, and students are starting to arrive in Bergen. I have updated Doodle for August, and I would like everyone to go there and sign up for the days you can come. If you later see that you are not able to make it it’s better to sign off than to not have signed up at all.

In August there are two dates that are important for us.

On Tuesday the 16th it is Studenttorget. This is the foremost recruitment opportunity for the semester. Lately we have only been two on the stand, but we  need more! Head to this Doodle to sign up for the time slots you can man.

On Tuesday the 23rd it is the BSI day. Unlike Studenttorget we get to show off the sport to students that do not know what this is. We ought to have at least six people (preferably 10) in order to do something useful. Head to this Doodle to sign up for the time slots that you could come. Mark all available options. If we get enough people we’ll sign up for this.

Ultimate in Bergen – Week 23

This week the weather forecast shows sun on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
We have visitors from Singapore in this week, and they would like to join our practice, and maybe they have some new tricks to show us?

Exam season is drawing to a close, and I hope that we will get some more students back to practice now. Doodle has not been updated, so please take time to go to Facebook, or our home page, and note if you are attending today so I know how many pullover jerseys to bring.

Practice schedule this week:
* Monday @ Skansemyren 18:30
* Tuesday @ Krohnsminde 16:00
* Thursday @ Skansemyren 18:30

Warm-up: Jogging with drills (Shuffle, side steps, high jumps, berry picking, over-under fence etc)
Warm-up game: Touch Ultimate

Offensive drill: Cutting technique
– Short cuts (“pushing” your defender into a desirable position/motion before making your cut)
– Shoulder cuts (taking advantage of defender placed too close to  you)
– Free cuts (taking advantage of a defender placed too far away from you)

Defensive drill: Marking (continued)
– Footwork and center of mass placement
– Arm positioning

Touch ultimate is a concept that combines touch rugby and ultimate.
The game is played in a rectangle (size based on how many are playing) with end zones to score in.
To score a point a team has to complete a pass of more than two meters within the end zone.
Each player has a pullover jersey tucked into their shorts on either side if the hips. If a player have a jersey removed while holding the disc the disc is turned over. If a player has their jersey(s) removed when not holding the disc they can play with one less jersey until end of point. If it falls out it has to be replaced.
Players are allowed to run with the disc held in one hand fully extended from the body in the direction of travel. Stripping the disc is not a foul. However hitting the arm is.
All turn overs start with a free throw. A free throw can be covered from a minimum of three meters away, and is stalled with a stall count of 10 counted by a designated defender.
This is still a non contact sport, so no tackling.

The object of this warm-up game is to get free from  your defender in order to receive the disc in a position where you are able to make the next pass before being freed from your tail.

See you at practice!

New practice venue: Skansemyren

We have received a go-ahead from Idrettsrådet to practice at Skansemyren.
In the first round it will be on a trial basis to check that the surface will tolerate ultimate and that it doesn’t collide with other users.
As far as I have been able to work out the easiest way to get there is to take Bus 11 from Småstrandgaten (Bergen center) to Starefossen Barnehage and walk from there.
The bus leaves from Småstrandgaten at 18:01, and takes 14 minutes to arrive at Starefossen. From there it’s an 11 minute walk to Skansemyren. I therefore suggest that practice starts at 18:30.

Recap of day one of Fire&Ice 2016

As day one of Fire&Ice has come to an end, and we have safely made it back to the hotel, at least the people that are going to the hotel, it is time to reflect on day one.

Due to unfortunate circumstances TKF and OSI2 has changed places in the seeding. This is because OSI2 have to get some players in for the games tomorrow, and the change will allow them to play at least two matches. However this meant that the first game BSI faced was against TFK. This was bad for us, as we really could have used some lighter opponents in our first game in order to get our game set. I am a bit ambivalent about this. One thing is that I really like that more teams are coming. However I feel that there ought to have been some other way to arrange the games so that the impact on BSI had been less severe. I.e. one of the latest OSI2 games could have been moved to the first game tomorrow, and the rest kept the same. It is however a jigsaw puzzle that I very well know that is hard to make work, and the notice for Adrian was short so I understand that it was done this way.

In spite of this I think that the team has performed very good given the fact that we are missing many veteran key players. Three of the six people on our team started playing just this year. The increase in performance I have seen in the new players from the first game of BRainy Disc two weeks ago to the level they played at in our last game today really blows my mind. I am so very impressed to see this enormous progress. We gave real competition to teams that I thought we were going to have a really hard time scoring more than thee points against, and that is fantastic.


I was going to post a list of results for today, but my score sheet is in the car, and I am too exhausted to go out and get it right now. However tomorrow a complete table will be posted. Suffice to say that we won over OSI2, got demolished by TFK, and were just few dropped passes from winning other games. Now I am going to rest up, and get ready for the tournament dinner at Peppe’s.