Rules of the game

Outdoor field
Outdoor field

Ultimate Frisbee is played with to teams of five players indoors or seven players outdoors. You can play with any Frisbee, but the official disc is a 175 gram DiscCraft Ultrastar. The players on a team are typically grouped in to two groups, handlers and cutters. The handlers control the disc in the back of the team, and look for plays up-field. The cutters attempt to free them selves from their defender so that they can safely receive the disc. Cutters and handlers may freely change places and roles throughout a point, but it is less confusing if they do not.

The field is divided into two end zones and a middle zone. Outdoors there are also two brick marks where the play can start if the pull lands outside the field. Indoors the game is played on a handball field with six meter end zones.

The offensive object of the game is to catch the Frisbee in the opposing teams end zone to score a point. The defensive object of the game is to prevent the opponent from scoring in your end zone and to prevent the opponents to complete a pass so your team may take control of the disc.

A point is started when both teams are in their respective end zones. The defending team (typically the one that scored the last point) throws the disc to the attacking team (the pull). The attacking team starts their attack from where the disc stops or is stopped.

When you catch the disc you must stop as quickly as you can without changing direction. When you have stopped you must establish a pivot point. You may rotate around the pivot point in the same manner as in basketball. The player defending you will, when (s)he is less than three meters away, commence a stall count. This is done by counting from zero to ten (eight indoors) so loud that the defender can hear it, with at least one second between each count. You have until the defender starts saying the last number to pass the disc. If you are not able to do so, the opposing team gains control of the disc from where you stand. It is therefore up to your team mates to move so that you can pass the disc on to them.

Ultimate Frisbee is a zero contact sport. If a player contacts another then it’s a foul. If the fouled player has control of the disc the defender has to restart the stall count from zero. If the fouled player was attempting to catch the disc, but was not able to do so due to the foul, then the disc goes back to the thrower, and the stall count starts at zero. It is not allowed to strip the disc form a player that has control of the disc. If that happens the player retakes control of the disc, and the stall count starts from zero.

The winning team is the first to thirteen points (fifteen in finals), or to have two or more points more than the opponent when the time goes out and the last point is finished. If no team has two or more points advantage, then the team that first reaches one point more than the current highest score win. For example, if the score is 6-5 after the last point is played and the time is out, then the first team to 7 points wins.

This has been a short intro to the most important parts of the game. Wikihow has an excellent guide to the game, and the complete rules may be found here.