“Rainy Wizard” to Pancake Trophy

Since we’re not a full team from BSI going to Pancake Trophy, I’ve reached out to NMBUI. They have 4+ players coming, and we’ve agreed to join forces.

This is, in my opinion, a better solution than if both teams should be split up into pick-up teams and play some with and some against each other. I hope that Kate in Pancake Circle Ltd. will approve this.


Outdoor practices on Thursday @ Krohnsminde 16:00

Spring is here and indoor season has come to a close. The hall is full of tables and chairs, so Thursday practices will be held at Krohnsminde at 16:00.

We will be hard pressed to find a later time at Krohnsminde as it is full of active clubs. If you all would like a later time we would have to investigate alternative venues like Stemmemyren. Also we could investigate weekend practices in addition to or in place of one of the weekly practices. Also we could investigate going to Stemmemyren. Please leave your comments on the web page.


We need photos

We need a collection of new photos for the new web site. I am looking for pictures from practices and from newer tournaments. We’ll try to get some images from the old site, but new pictures are also nice.

If someone feels like writing stuff on the new pages let me know and I’ll grant you access.