Pancake Trophy 2015 – A review

Pancake Trophy 2015 – A review

This year Pancake Circle Ltd. again hosted their semi-hat tournament on Ekeberg. Ulitmate Rainfall sported six players, which was not enough to form a complete team. We had hoped to join forces with Wizards of Ås, but that constellation was not to be. That meant that we were split up and distributed on to three of the four participating teams. The teams were:

Team From BSI
Stylters Chisato and Lisa
Pancake Circle Ltd Terje
Soaked and Psyched Elin, John and Louis

The weather gods were all but with us. It rained, at times poured, throughout most of the tournament day and the wind picked many a disc up and away from the intended receiver. This made the matches go back and forth, and all matches were played their full 90 minutes.

After two games all the teams had won one match and lost the other. This meant that the winners of the third matches of the day would play the final. The results from the group play was:

Pancake Soaked Stylters
NTNUI Pancake NTNUI Stylters
Pancake Pancake Stylters
Soaked Soaked

In the bronze final between NTNUI and Soaked and Psyched the score was 13-14 when time ran out. After the last point the score was 14-14 and a final deciding point had to be played. Soaked and Psyched drew the longest straw and secured the third place.

The final was played between Pancake Circle Ltd and Stylters. In the group play PCL was crushed by Stylters, but in the final they managed to put up a fight. In the end it was Stylters who was the strongest team and won the tournament.

Congratulations to Chisato and Lisa, and thanks to everybody who participated. A special thanks to Pancake Circle Ltd for hosting the event, but next year please order better weather!