Welcome to Ultimate Rainfall!

Hello to all new and old players.

We are so excited that you came to visit our site, and really look forward to seeing you at practice! If this is your first encounter with Ultimate Frisbee here are the basics:

  • Ultimate Frisbee is a team game first played in 1968
  • Outdoors the game is played 7 vs 7 on the full length and half width of a soccer field
  • Indoors the game is played 5 vs 5 on a handball field
  • Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact sport
  • You cannot run with the disc
  • Your team scores by catching the disc in your opponents end zone
  • If you fail to complete a pass the opponent takes over the attack

This means that there is a bit of running, some throwing and catching and a lot of fun involved! This sport is suitable for young and old players of all levels of fitness as long as you’re willing to break a sweat.

We welcome new players all year around, so don’t worry if it’s the middle of the semester! It’s not too late to come and play with us!! If you want a more in-depth description of the game, please see the article “rules of the game“. If you want to come practice, please sign up on Doodle so we know that you’re coming.

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