Ultimate Frisbee DSN license emails should have been sent

Everyone that has registered on our web page, but not paid the DSN license should receive an email today. However there were a few that appeared not to have been sent, så please check your inbox if you have received it. If you have not, please notify us on frisbee@bsi.no ASAP so we can give it to  you. For those of you that pay cash, please let me know so I can pay the DSN invoice for you in due time.
If you have not registered to join BSI Ultimate, please go to http://ultimate.bsi.no/medlemmer/bli-med/ and fill out the form. Then let me know as soon as you have done so, so I can add you to the NIF registers and generate an invoice for you.
Also, remember to pay the semester fee to BSI Ultimate account 3624.21.09176 and mark the payment with your name and “Spring semester 2016”. The amount is 200 for students and 300 for non-students.