Recap of day one of Fire&Ice 2016

As day one of Fire&Ice has come to an end, and we have safely made it back to the hotel, at least the people that are going to the hotel, it is time to reflect on day one.

Due to unfortunate circumstances TKF and OSI2 has changed places in the seeding. This is because OSI2 have to get some players in for the games tomorrow, and the change will allow them to play at least two matches. However this meant that the first game BSI faced was against TFK. This was bad for us, as we really could have used some lighter opponents in our first game in order to get our game set. I am a bit ambivalent about this. One thing is that I really like that more teams are coming. However I feel that there ought to have been some other way to arrange the games so that the impact on BSI had been less severe. I.e. one of the latest OSI2 games could have been moved to the first game tomorrow, and the rest kept the same. It is however a jigsaw puzzle that I very well know that is hard to make work, and the notice for Adrian was short so I understand that it was done this way.

In spite of this I think that the team has performed very good given the fact that we are missing many veteran key players. Three of the six people on our team started playing just this year. The increase in performance I have seen in the new players from the first game of BRainy Disc two weeks ago to the level they played at in our last game today really blows my mind. I am so very impressed to see this enormous progress. We gave real competition to teams that I thought we were going to have a really hard time scoring more than thee points against, and that is fantastic.


I was going to post a list of results for today, but my score sheet is in the car, and I am too exhausted to go out and get it right now. However tomorrow a complete table will be posted. Suffice to say that we won over OSI2, got demolished by TFK, and were just few dropped passes from winning other games. Now I am going to rest up, and get ready for the tournament dinner at Peppe’s.