Ultimate in Bergen – Week 23

This week the weather forecast shows sun on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
We have visitors from Singapore in this week, and they would like to join our practice, and maybe they have some new tricks to show us?

Exam season is drawing to a close, and I hope that we will get some more students back to practice now. Doodle has not been updated, so please take time to go to Facebook, or our home page, and note if you are attending today so I know how many pullover jerseys to bring.

Practice schedule this week:
* Monday @ Skansemyren 18:30
* Tuesday @ Krohnsminde 16:00
* Thursday @ Skansemyren 18:30

Warm-up: Jogging with drills (Shuffle, side steps, high jumps, berry picking, over-under fence etc)
Warm-up game: Touch Ultimate

Offensive drill: Cutting technique
– Short cuts (“pushing” your defender into a desirable position/motion before making your cut)
– Shoulder cuts (taking advantage of defender placed too close to  you)
– Free cuts (taking advantage of a defender placed too far away from you)

Defensive drill: Marking (continued)
– Footwork and center of mass placement
– Arm positioning

Touch ultimate is a concept that combines touch rugby and ultimate.
The game is played in a rectangle (size based on how many are playing) with end zones to score in.
To score a point a team has to complete a pass of more than two meters within the end zone.
Each player has a pullover jersey tucked into their shorts on either side if the hips. If a player have a jersey removed while holding the disc the disc is turned over. If a player has their jersey(s) removed when not holding the disc they can play with one less jersey until end of point. If it falls out it has to be replaced.
Players are allowed to run with the disc held in one hand fully extended from the body in the direction of travel. Stripping the disc is not a foul. However hitting the arm is.
All turn overs start with a free throw. A free throw can be covered from a minimum of three meters away, and is stalled with a stall count of 10 counted by a designated defender.
This is still a non contact sport, so no tackling.

The object of this warm-up game is to get free from  your defender in order to receive the disc in a position where you are able to make the next pass before being freed from your tail.

See you at practice!