Tournaments and practices for 2016/17

The tournament plan for 2016-2017 is ready. BSI will field a team in all series tournaments, national championship and the student cup. To sign up, head to our Tournament Doodle!

We’re now practicing indoors in Fantofthallen on Monday 16:30 – 18:30 and Thursday 20:30 – 22:00. This is a change from previous years where we have been practicing on Tuesdays indoors.

Tournament schedule

Sept. 24th Bartecup Trondheim Hat tournament N/A
Oct. 14th – 15th Bergen Challenge Bergen Student cup Gold medal
Nov. 12th – 13th Trøndisk Trondheim US Round 1 4th place (4 series points)
Dec. 3rd Decembercup Lørenskog US Round 2  3rd place (4 series points)
Feb. 4th – 5th Tractor Factor Ås US Round 3  3rd place (4 series points)
Mar. 4th – 5th BrainyDisc Bergen US Round 4  6th place (1 series points)
N/A Norwegian Series total Everywhere US Total 3rd place (13 series points)
Mar 18th – 19th Hello Stockholm Stockholm, S Int. tournament  Mooslo finished 20th of 28 teams
Apr. 1st – 2nd NM Fjellhamar National championship Bronze medal and SOTG Winner!
Juni 18th – 24th WBUC Royan, F World Championship  Norway not sending team.