Recap of Trøndisk 2017

Trøndisk is now a week away, and it’s time to recap.

For the first time since I started BSI sent two teams to Trondheim. One team consisted of veteran players, and one team of mostly new players. Unsurprisingly the veteran team placed higher, but the rookie team made a valiant effort, and won the coveted Spirit Of The Game award!

BSI 1 Group play Result
13 – 1 vs NHHI 2
10 – 4 vs La Bamba
10 – 8 vs Oslo Studentidrettslag
5 – 13 vs Trondheim Frisbeeklubb 1
9 – 7 vs Pancake Circle Ltd 2
This gave 8 points in the group stage, and tied with TFK1. however since TFK1 beat BSI, they placed first in the group.

The semi final was played against Pancake Circle Ltd 1, and was narrowly lost 8 – 10, which placed BSI in the bronze final. Here they would meet Ekeberg Sendeplateklubb, who they defeated 13 – 6.

BSI 2 Group play results
2 – 13 vs Pancacke Circle Ltd 1
10 – 11 vs Trondheim Frisbeeklubb 2 (Universe point)
11 – 5 vs Pickup team
7 – 10 vs NHHI 1
8 – 11 vs Ekeberg Sendeplateklubb

The battle in the 9th – 12th bracket was played against NHHI 2 which was defeated 13 – 3 and La Bamba which was narrowly beaten 8 – 7 on universe point.

BSI 2 won the Spirit Of The Game award with 56 points, beating TFK1 with just one point. BSI 1 came out last with a meager 47 points.

The semi final between BSI 1 and PCL 1 was hard fought, and just narrowly lost, and we would all have loved a rematch against TFK1 to avenge the 8 point defeat, however that was not to be.
I am very proud that BSI2 gave a fierce battle to TFK2, NHHI1 and ESK, even though they were lost in the end. A few less drops, and we wound have been in the 5th – 8th bracket. Also it was very fun to see the progress made by the rookie players through the tournament! Now we just need to polish off a few mistakes, and we will be set for December cup!

There is video from the games on field 2, and the complete results are also available.