BRainyDisc 2015 was held as a two day event with a record setting ten teams participating.

Day one was group play in both Fantofthallen and Haukelandshallen.

For the first time we did live scoring with the help of Google Docs. This allowed teams in both arenas, and anyone else who wanted to keep track, to see the progress of the games in the other venues.

After this event there were three teams that had a real chance to take the Ultimate Series Trophy for 2015. Trondheim Frisbeeklub lead BSI Ultimate and Pancake Circle by one point.

 Final standings

Rank Team US Pts US Pts total US Rank
1 Ultimate Rainfall (BSI) 7 15 2
2 Trondheim Frisbeeklubb 5 16 1
3 Pancake Circle Ltd. 4 15 3
4 Ekeberg Sendeplateklubb 3 3 5
5 NHHI 1 1 7
6 Non-Club 0
7 OSI Ultimate 1 9 4
8 Super Cell (BSI 2) 0
9 Wizards of Ås (NMBUI) 1 1 8
10 NHHI 2 0
SOTG Wizards of Ås (NMBUI)

BSI Ultimate and NHHI would like to thank everyone that participated in making this tournament so great. We hope to see you all next year!

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