BrainyDisc 2016

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BRainy Disc 2016 was held in Haukelandshallen February 21st and 22nd

Thank you from the tournament director

This weekend has passed incredibly fast. It seemed like only a few hours passed from wishing the captains welcome at the captains meeting until I was handing out the prizes. It has been a rich weekend, where we have played 53 official matches and two friendly matches. In total 715 goals have been scored. This tournament would not have been possible without the many volunteers that have helped. I would like to give special thanks to Lelde Elere for keeping order to the scoring, Mari Bondevik for being my right hand, Matthew Canete that gave sound to the weekend, NHHI which provided something to put in the mouth in the hall, everybody that provided meals for the dinner, and of course all the teams that made this the biggest tournament in Norway. I would also like to give a special thanks to La Bamba and DUUCK who came all the way from Sweden and France to join us.

Looking back at the games I see that a lot of teams have met several times. I am ambivalent if this is a good thing or a bad thing. On one hand the teams are meeting a more equal opponent so that there is a fair chance to win matches. On the other hand they are meeting the same opponent, which means they get less diversity. Maybe some games in Stage 3 could have been changed to avoid this, but this is a lesson to be learned until the next time we host such a big tournament.

Finally I would like to congratulate Pancake Circle Ltd. as worthy winners of BRainy Disc 2016 and Wizards of Ås as worthy winners of the Spirit of the game award.


Place Team Club Points Total
1st place Pancake Circle Ltd. Lørenskog Fribeeklubb 7 18
2nd place Ultimate Rainfall BSI Ultimate 5 16
3rd place OSI 1 OSI Ultimate 4 8
4th place Trondheim Frisbeeklubb Tronheim Frisbeeklubb 3 13
5th place Ekeberg Sendeplateklubb Ekeberg Sendeplateklubb 2 6
6th place NHHI 1 NHHI Ultimate 1 1
SOTG & 7th place Wizards of Ås NMBUI 1 3
8th place Super Cell BSI Ultimate 0 0
9th place OSI 2 OSI Ultimate 0 0
10th place DUUCK A.S.U.B. 0 0
11th place La Bamba La Bamba 0 0
12th place NHHI 2 NHHI Ultimate 0 0

For full statistics with goals scored, wins and losses, please see the official score chart


Saturday February 20th
08:00 Hall opens
08:30 Fields ready
09:30 Captains meeting
10:00 Stage 1 starts
14:00 Stage 2 starts
16:30 Last game scheduled to end
17:00 Hall closes
20:00 Tournament dinner
Sunday February 21st
09:00 Hall opens
09:35 Stage 3 starts
14:10 Wall opens for bronze final
15:00 Final starts
16:15 Prize ceremony
17:00 Hall must be cleared

Tournament format and time table is ready
Go to for information on seeding, groupings, results and placements.

Registration is now closed
There are 12 teams and just short of 100 players registered to this years tournament, something that I do believe is a new record.

Club Team name Players Seeding
A.S.U.B (France) DUUCK 10 11
BSI Ultimate Ultimate Rainfall 10 1
BSI Ultimate Super Cell 10 8
NHHI Ultimate NHHI1 10 7
NHHI Ultimate NHHI2 9 10
NMBUI Wizards of Ås 5 6
Ekeberg Sendeplateklubb Ekeberg SK 7 4
La Bamba (Sweden) La Bamba 8 12
OSI Ultimate OSI 1 8 5
OSI Ultimate OSI 2 7 9
Pancake Circle Ltd. LFK Pancake Circle 5 2
Trondheim Frisbeeklubb Trondheim Frisbeeklubb 6 3

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Practical information:
Please pay tournament fee by Wed Feb 17th to this account:

BSI Ultimate
Mark the payment: BRainyDisc 2016 – Team name

The tournament fee is NOK 1000,- per team for up to 10 players and NOK 100,- for any extra players or players not belonging to a club (non-club players). There will be light serving of waffles and bananas in Haukelandshallen. Instead of baguettes for lunch we will provide food for the party Saturday night.

Tournament dinner venue set!

Due to a conflict with UKA at NHH we are not able to use the regular club there. The party will therefore be held at Merkantilen at Marineholmen (Next to VilVite, Thormøhlensgate 53c, Florida light rail station). This is a venue without license to serve alcohol, so everyone that would like to drink alcohol must bring their own. As usual we will have home cooked dishes for everyone! Please note that some meals will be specially marked for people that have special needs. We appreciate it if you inform your team about this in advance so we avoid any unnecessary mistakes.
The doors open at 19:00 and close around 1:00.