Welcome new players!!

We would like to welcome everyone to introduction practice on TUESDAY AUGUST 22nd 8:00 pm at Krohnsminde idrettsplass!

To get to Krohnsminde, it is easiest to take the light rail to Danmarksplass, and walk between the hospital and Prego/Rema 1000 (Here)

Bring a good pair of training shoes or cleats for artificial turf, something to drink and, most importantly, a smile!


Autumn is coming

Summer will soon start to give way to autumn, and students are starting to arrive in Bergen. I have updated Doodle for August, and I would like everyone to go there and sign up for the days you can come. If you later see that you are not able to make it it’s better to sign off than to not have signed up at all.

In August there are two dates that are important for us.

On Tuesday the 16th it is Studenttorget. This is the foremost recruitment opportunity for the semester. Lately we have only been two on the stand, but we  need more! Head to this Doodle to sign up for the time slots you can man.

On Tuesday the 23rd it is the BSI day. Unlike Studenttorget we get to show off the sport to students that do not know what this is. We ought to have at least six people (preferably 10) in order to do something useful. Head to this Doodle to sign up for the time slots that you could come. Mark all available options. If we get enough people we’ll sign up for this.