Match summary BSI Ultimate vs NHHI Ultimate

Today four eager players from NHHI came to Fantofthallen to play a friendly match against BSI. Unfortunately the rest of the team were not able to join, but we solved it by lending two BSI players  that are not going to the tournament in Trondheim to NHHI. In addition we lent one woman in turn so that NHHI had one female player, and all the women got equal play time with BSI.

The first match started very well for BSI, and we took a good lead, but then NHHI figured out our game plan, and managed to force errors. Those errors they converted to points of their own. The match ended 5-4 to BSI.

The second match was very close. Actually so close that I lost count of the score. But that says a lot of how fun the game was, since it was not all about the points.

When we played the third and final match, several players were running out of steam. NHHI made a lot of good (albeit risky) throws, while BSI (with me leading the way) threw away a lot of discs.

The spirit was great, and lots of goals were scored both ways. It was great to play against players from another team, as we could then see how players that haven’t practised with us think, and what we need to do to stop them.

Thanks to NHHI for taking the trip to visit us. We hope to get similar friendly matches before December cup, Brainy Disc and Fire and Ice.



BSI Ultimate vs. NHHI Ultimate

BSI Ultimate has challenged NHHI Ultimate to a friendly match Thursday October 29th in Fantofthallen at 20:30.

This is the last practice before Trøndisk, so I hope everyone going to Trondheim can come.

There will be no entrance fee for this practice match, so come even if you do not have a SIB card.

The current itinerary is warmup start at 20:30 and depending on how many players we are, 2-4 games.

Indoor season starts

Winter is coming, so we’re moving in to Fantofthallen. New this year is that we have indoor-times Mondays (from 16:30) and Thursdays (from 20:30). In addition we’ll keep out-door training on Tuesdays as long as enough people sign up.

Doodle is updated, so please head over there to sign up.

Remember that SIB training card is required. Alternatively you have to pay entrance for every indoor-practice.


LiveWire tournament coming up in Hønefoss!

The first tournament of the season is coming up in Hønefoss 26th and 27th of September. It’s still possible to sign up.

LiveWire is a hat tournament. This means that we do not go as a team, but everyone goes as individual players. During sign-up all players rate their skill, and the tournament director divides the players into teams of equal strength. This means that the tournament is a great learning experience for new players, and I urge all of our recruits to go if they can.

Please note that this year accommodations are not provided, so you’ll need to arrange that yourselves. Contact Ade Oleson on Facebook for more information.

Hope to see you there!

Ultimate Practice moved!

Due to a delay with the work at Krohnsminde Idrettspark, Tuesdays and Thursdays practice will be held at Nymarksbanen. It is approx a five minute walk from Brann Stadion Bybane station, as shown on the map.

Practice will start at 16:00, and due to the extra pressure on sports fields while Krohnsminde is being renovated, we may be cut short at five. It is therefore important that you show up as early as possible, so that we can use the time as best as possible.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but this is much better than not having any field at all.

Welcome to Ultimate Rainfall!

Hello to all new and old players.

We are so excited that you came to visit our site, and really look forward to seeing you at practice! If this is your first encounter with Ultimate Frisbee here are the basics:

  • Ultimate Frisbee is a team game first played in 1968
  • Outdoors the game is played 7 vs 7 on the full length and half width of a soccer field
  • Indoors the game is played 5 vs 5 on a handball field
  • Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact sport
  • You cannot run with the disc
  • Your team scores by catching the disc in your opponents end zone
  • If you fail to complete a pass the opponent takes over the attack

This means that there is a bit of running, some throwing and catching and a lot of fun involved! This sport is suitable for young and old players of all levels of fitness as long as you’re willing to break a sweat.

We welcome new players all year around, so don’t worry if it’s the middle of the semester! It’s not too late to come and play with us!! If you want a more in-depth description of the game, please see the article “rules of the game“. If you want to come practice, please sign up on Doodle so we know that you’re coming.